Jan Slawson


I began my art career as a photographer and entered in black and white photography competitions in California in the 70’s.  I processed film and used dark rooms to bring to life fascinating images from my backpacking trips in the Sierra Nevadas.

With the new century, I started painting with acrylics and I’ve loved it ever since.  I have shown my collections at numerous Seattle venues and now intend to paint full time in the Palm Springs area.


People have asked me what I am thinking about or what is my plan when I paint – Most times there is not a plan.  I see things, forms, color, in nature or photos, or shapes and forms. I incorporate those as I work on my canvas.

My vision usually begins with colors that intrigue me for that period of time.  In my first years, I mostly painted with red, but currently I often work with whites, greys, & black. However, the more I paint, the more variety of colors will appear.  I also love adding texture to my paintings.


Jan’s mentors have been her sister, Gail Joseph, Luce Felts, a well known painter of desert and still life, Palm Springs abstract artist Julianna Poldi, and Carolyn Hawley, renowned across the west for her still life and western works. In addition, Jan has studied at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA. Many paintings have been completed in the desert, but also in her previous location in Seattle.

Jan has always been fascinated by the artists of the 19th & 20th centuries who broke out of the mold into impressionism and abstract painting.

Her paintings reflect a fusion of color, form, energy and rhythm.


Sunrise Country Club Art Show                                                  December 3, 2019, SCC Clubhouse

Fall Festival of Art
Banning, CA
2018 & 2019

Rancho Mirage Artists Tour &  Pop-up Gallery, Rancho Mirage Library
2019 & 2020

Backstreet Art District Art Walk
Palm Springs, CA
2018 & 2019

Model Home in Leschi
Seattle, WA

Gage Academy of Art
Seattle, WA

Le Reve Bakery
Seattle, WA
2013 & 2015

Model Home in Ballard
Seattle, WA

Ballard Art Walk @ BalMar Restaurant and Bar
Seattle, WA
2013 & 2014


Artists Council, Greater Palm Springs Area

Desert Art Center, Palm Springs, CA

Member, Palm Springs Art Museum